Can I try it out First?

Absolutely! Come to a few practice sessions and see if the sport is for you.

Where is Practice?

We practice at two locations depending on availability. Reach out to us and we will let you know where to meet us.

Green Lake Park

Maple Leaf Park

How do I join the Grizzlies?

Joining the Grizzlies is easy.  Come to practice and let our Coach and Leadership folks know that you'd like to join the team.  Don't worry they'll introduce themselves at practice.

How much are Club dues?

Currently membership dues are:

  • Player Membership Only: (Includes USAFL Dues)
    • $165
  • First Year / College Player Membership:  (Includes USAFL Dues)
    • $95
  • Non Playing Membership:
    • $25
  • Ausball Tournament:
    • $25

Your dues cover you for 1 year of playing time.

How do I pay for my Membership?

Please select your "Player Status" and use the PayPal button below to pay your dues.

Membership Type

USAFL Membership

Our team is a part of the United States Australian Rules Football League or USAFL.   In order for you to be a part of the league you must sign up for an account, and pay USAFL dues in order to be eligible to participate in league games.  if you already have an account from previous years simply sign back into it and pay your dues for this year.

Your USAFL dues cover you for 1 year of playing time.