2017 sees the return of the Seattle ARFC's annual pre-season Ausball tournament!

Join the club for four weeks of low-contact introductory "footy" at Bobby Morris playfield in Capitol Hill. The Seattle Gaels are also coming back to try and go one better than last year, where they finished Runners-Up to the Fightin' Ibises.

Games will be 2x20min halves, with a 5min half-time break, taking place at 9.00am and 10.00am. Ausball is the locally-adapted version of AFL 9s, which you can find more out about here.  For an introduction to Ausball, take a look at the video below.

Currently, we plan on having two "Seattle Grizzlies" teams (one double-header per week) plus the Gaels, with players restricted to playing for one team for the entirety of the season. If numbers allow, we'll include a fourth team for the round-robin! Finals will take place during week 4 (4/1/17). 

Players will be notified of their teams by Sunday 3/5, one week prior to the start of the season.

You can sign up for the league by clicking this link. A membership to the Grizzlies for Ausball only costs $25, for which the Grizzlies will bill you via PayPal, or collect from you at the fields prior to your first game. 


Do I need to have played Australian Rules Football or Ausball to join?

No - this is open to anyone. Players of all skill levels will be included and encouraged. We want to see anyone of any athletic ability, gender, skill level or age come along! 

What if I can only play two weeks?

There's a place for you as well, with a weekly fee to play. You can only play for one team during the season though!

How low-contact is low-contact?

This is Australian Football's version of Touch Rugby. Anything more than a touch during the game is penalized by the umpires.

Can I bring/play with a friend?

Of course! The signup sheet allows you to nominate a friend to play with. We'll do our best to have you play with your buddy.

What alterations to the AFL 9s rules do you use?

Basically, because Australian Rules Football is such a new sport to many Americans, we play on when the ball hits the ground. Kicking off the ground is strictly prohibited, though, to encourage people to pick the ball up.

What gear do I need?

Cleats certainly help, but aren't necessary. Wear your athletic gear. We'll supply the rest!

Where do I ask any questions?

Email us at contact@seattlearfc.com - we'll do our best to answer any questions as promptly as possible.